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File:TexasDeptStateHealthServAustinTX.JPG|thumb|Headquarters of the Texas Department of State Health Services File:AustinStateHospitalEntrance.JPG|thumb|Austin State Hospital '''Texas Department of State Health Services''' is a state agency of Texas. The department was created by House Bill 2292 of the 78th Texas Legislature in 2003 through the merging of four state agencies: the Texas Department of Health, Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Texas Health Care Information Council, and Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. The department provides state-operated health care services, including hospitals, health centers, and health agencies. The agency is headquartered at the Central Campus at 1100 West 49th Street in Austin, Texas|Austin."[ Visitor Information]." ''Texas Department of State Health Services''. Retrieved on March 13,...
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